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Related post: Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 20:16:57 -0500 From: Sammie G Subject: Rain On Me, Chapter 4Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL story describing the love triangle of a teenage boy. If you are not over 18 years y.o. loli of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then refrain from reading it. The story consists of lust, incest, lolit tgp passion, teenage romance, interracial, love and all the rest of the good stuff in that order... Prepare to be rained on.Feel free to send email or comments about the story to - Definition of Rain \ r-an\ v 2: To bestow abundantlyRAIN ON ME CHAPTER FOUR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hey, happened with Eric last night? He just disappeared great loli bbs and we didn't even get into the project." Robbie asked me the next morning when he managed to pull some time out of his busy school day to meet with me."I don't know," I lied, "I guess underground loli pics he had to do something."I was so embarrassed while looking in my soon-to-be stepbrother's eyes. I was lying. I had run Eric off with my aggressiveness. lolidas sex My eyes were red and bags were in them because I couldn't get any sleep. All I thought about was Eric. I tried to get into his mind and tried to see why he did react better to my advances. The last night was so blurry. I could remember him kissing me on my neck. He was more than just kissing on it. He was sucking my neck and making love to my neck. Then he just changed his russian lolittapre teen sex mind and got left. I ran Eric off. The next whole day was strange and after that a month went by when lolicon hentai forum all I could think free lolitta boy about was that night with Eric. I couldn't look him in the eyes in school and vice-versa. We avoided one another every chance we got. Things started to change in my life. Dina made it clear that she was there to stay. She started to move more of her furniture in the house. She rocked her little rhinestone engagement ring every chance she got! My father messed around, I knew that he wasn't going to change for one woman, but he didn't do it as much any more. I started to get afraid that this was going to be for the worst. Things changed in Robbie's life too. In one month, he had become the most popular boy in school, regardless of the fact that he didn't participate in too many social activities. He began to show a lot more affection towards me in two very contrary ways. He showed me the compassion of a brother, sticking up for me when I was drunk or had trouble in school. Then again he showed the compassion of a lover. For the whole month, he didn't go a day without touching me in a sensual way. It was either a kiss one day or a tight hug the loli forum hentai next.It was partly my fault, because cp loli tgp I never really tried to push him off. I accepted it, but I knew loliat pics the whole while that one of theses days, if Dina and my father got married, that our sensual relationship would have to end."I should probably ask him," he said."NO! I mean...why do that?"He gave me a suspicious little stare that made me check my attitude, "I mean, its not normal to just leave without giving a real reason or telling anyone why you are leaving.""He, um, he told me," I stuttered trying to think of something."Wait, you just said you didn't know why he left.""Um, I was confused, but I remember now," I said and tried not to look in his eyes while I lied."Well..."There was a sudden pause in the air that showed awkwardness and then there was a loud ring that said the period was over. OH, hentai lolicon porn saved by the bell! He seemed not to care about it anymore. A couple of girls were going to be walking the halls in a couple of seconds. He fixed his loose and yet figure suitable black shirt. He picked up his fitted cap and his books."We'll talk about it when I get home, aight?""Yeah, sure."Good! I had time to think nude lolit art about what I was going to tell him. We walked together to our fourth class, which we shared. It was the class Eric was in. It was a month later and we had gotten back from our winter's break. Eric looked the same, but so did everyone else. I would look at him in the corner of my eye, all the while hoping that there would be a situation where he would forget about that night and let us start all over. That was when "she" came in. "She" had been in the school for a while, but had finally been transferred to our little lolite nude fourth period class."Look, Eric, its ya girlfriend, Carmen," I heard Robbie whisper to Eric from his desk.Eric wasn't the only one looking at the girl. All of the boys (and some of the girls) were staring at her young loli girls too. She was a beautiful Native-American girl. Her hair was straight to her back. Her thighs were thick and her ass was huge. She was the girl that most of the soft lolicon freshmen boys had crushes on, because of how those asian loli creampie thick thighs clapped on one another when free lolicon stories she walked.She was Carmen, Eric's girlfriend."Hey, baby," Eric recognized her. The girl went right up to him and kissed him on the mouth, in front of the teacher and everything.The teacher let out a little grumble, but he didn't say anything much. lolitta bbs links I couldn't believe this! She just walks in loli sex movie the class and kisses Eric. Soon I saw that she had her classes changed and would be in our fourth hentai lolicon downloads period class from now on. Eric seemed happy about this. They would stay in the back of the class whispering the whole time. I could probably spit at her. I couldn't stand the girl at hentai lolicon incest all really. She always seemed to giggle. She knew she was pretty and that everyone knew she was pretty, so she giggled sort of like reminding us of it. Her giggle was annoying, but jap sex loli galleria what was more annoying was how romantic Eric and her were being. They didn't have to be all like that. He was throwing it in my face and he knew it. He would look at me, while talking to her sometimes, sort lolite porno interracial of teasing me. I couldn't understand it. But I knew that I wasn't going to get in the middle of Eric and his smut. When we got home, I was feeling like I just relieved myself of Eric. Now I could do what I wanted without worrying about Eric. Robbie had come home right after me, probably still wanting to talk about Eric. I didn't give him the time to do that, knowing that my father and Dina were out once again on some bullshit joyride. Robbie walked in the door and threw his keys on the coffee table. That was when I jumped on him and landed a kiss in his mouth. My lips pressed against him and so did my body. My chest went up against his as I watched his surprised expression. I never kissed with my eyes completely closed. Robbie did though. He was surprised but got accustomed to the lolicon x idea quickly. He separated my lips with his long tongue and dug in my mouth for bbs gallery loli nymphet an open kiss. I didn't know what loli loli pussy had gotten into me, but I was as passionate as he usually was. It wasn't a hard at to loli mpgs fall for though. Robbie was a dime. His dark black silky hair was nice to play with. His shirts were thin and easy to feel his body through. His eyes were deep and dark. He was horny all the time. He was probably the perfect high school romance and I showed him that I appreciated it.He kissed me deeper but within kisses he managed to mutter, "What's got into you?"I didn't answer vicki lolits video him, "Enough talk."I unzipped his pants and folded down the buckle. He was wearing these brown boxers with yellow smiley faces on them. I dug inside the boxers and pulled out the fine cock that I had been digging for. The dick popped out, but it was already hard. I began to lolicon pix jerk Robbie off and his wide smile was replaced by an open moan. He moaned more as I jerked him faster and then slipped my tongue into his open mouth. He closed his mouth around my tongue and started to slurp on it, making an petite loli pre amusing sucking noise that was the sound you got when lolicon picture sucking the last drop of ice cream from a cone. He began to really tense up as I started to jerk him off harder. He started to moan even though my tongue was down his throat. He was about to sweet lolipop teen cum..."No, not yet," I told him and kissed him in his mouth. I lead him to the couch, all the while pulling him by the dick. He was still moaning even though I wasn't jerking it."Sorry yo. Dayum, just to see you horny like this is making me want to cum!"He put his hands around my face and started to kiss arab loli me once again. He was really a kissing type. He was a good one too, but it seemed like when little loli nymphet info we kissed things just got really messy. But that was a good thing!"Suck my dick," I demanded, feeling the tent in my pants already beginning to rise.I was never so horny in my life. I wasn't even sure that he was going i am fool lolipop to do it. Robbie was a pretty boy, but he wasn't the type cp loli russian preteen that sucked dick. Either way, he didn't have any trouble with it. He waited as I pulled my pants down to my ankles. I wasn't wearing any drawers again and my dick wasn't as hard as I thought it was. Seeing it now, before I was about to have seemed a lot bigger. zeps loli Robbie definitely seemed impressed preteen loli nudes with it. He grunted acknowledging the size and got on his knees in front of me. There was a little pre-cum there and I was going to reach and wipe it off schoolgirl loli sex fuck before he started, but Robbie seemed intent to taste it. His tongue wiped the pre-cum off and he looked directly in my eyes as he did it. Then he began to suck. His lips folded around mine. His swallowed my nude preteen loli veins and everything."Uhhhhhhhh! Who taught you how to suck dick?""My mom," he said and laughed.If it was anyone else it would have seemed like he was just joking, but knowing that Dina was his mother, I didn't doubt it. She was the type of freak who would probably teach her son how to suck a dick or two."Oh shit. It feels so good. Dayum!"Suddenly he stopped and I as soon as I started to get grumpy. I saw him pull out a tube of lubrication from his pocket."See this," he told me, licking his lips, "I want to fuck you. Can you take it up the ass for me?""You don't have a condom?" I asked.He pulled a condom out of his pocket, "Of course."I was still staggering. I knew a month ago, when I figured that I was gay that the time would come when I would have a dick up my ass. I just didn't think it was going to be so soon and with Robbie. He was licking his lips fast though. He wanted my ass. I had seen caught him staring at it a lot of times. Sometimes I teased him with it, crossing by his room after I was done with my shower or mooning petite loli him when he made me mad. He had seen my ass a lot. He used to compliment me on it. I knew that it had a nice shape, but Robbie seemed obsessed with it. It wasn't the lolit gallery first time he tried to fuck me in my ass, but it was the first time that he was so clear about his need to doing it."Robbie, I doujinshi loli gallery don't know," I told him, trying not to act to lose the moment, "I mean. I can give you head. But I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.""What do you mean you're not ready for it? I bet if it was fucking Eric who asked you, you would say yes!"He comic lolicon tgp definitely didn't take it the way I thought he would take it. The outburst made me look at him twice. I didn't know what to say. I was just sitting there naked trying to comprehend how he knew that I like Eric. Robbie looked mad lolicon real photos and all the look of baby dorki loli excitement that was in his eyes, just disappeared.I tried to play hymen loli dumb, "What are you talking about?""I know what happened last lolites models night, Eric told me," Robbie confessed, throwing the condom in my face, "He said how he was right loliyas bbs about to fuck you and then he backed down. He free porn passwords lolitta said lolicon lycra how he felt about you! He told me what you couldn't tell me!""Robbie. What nothing happened yesterday," I shy angels lolis told him, pulling up my pants because seks loli I knew by now things weren't going anywhere."Would something have happened if he didn't back down?""Why you care?"He stood up and put his finger in my head. He was mad. I could see it in his eyes. I hadn't seen him so mad before. He pulled skinny loli his finger off my head, trying to restrain himself and then he started to walk away. He was buttoning up his shirt and zippering his pants to the way he had it before I jerked him off. He was saying shit underneath his breath, sort of trying to restrain himself in lolitia nudists words. I didn't hear what he was saying. By now I was so confused. I didn't even think that Robbie would care too much about what Eric and I did last night.I walked up behind him, "Why you care, Robbie?""Because all I have to do is turn around and you're trying to fuck my friends!" I lolite porn archive shouted at him."I liked Eric even before you knew him.""That's not the point. You could have told me that you liked him!""It wasn't your business!" I cried back."What the fuck am I? I'm not just your fucking dildo until you want Eric. You think you can always do that to people. I'm not your little toy, Robbie. Why do you like him? He's not better than I am. He's cute, but I'm handsome. Fuck that!!!!!! I bet my dick is bigger than nymphets loli forum his is! I bet I could kiss a lot better than he can!He reached out for my neck and began to kiss me, but this loli movies ru time it was wrong. He was pulling into me, kissing me hard and trying to get the essence of the kiss out. It wasn't the sweet kiss that he had given me before. This kiss was angry and tempered. That was why I pushed him lolite away hard. I knew I probably shouldn't have pushed him so hard, but hard xxx sex lolit after I did push him I felt his fist go across the side. He punched me! He had just sucked my dick and now he was thrashing japan loli pussy me in my face? The pain ran through my jaw and I thought for tgp boys loli the moment that my jaw was shattered. I didn't know that Robbie was so strong. I staggered back after the first hit and then I came back at socked him back in the jaw. We began to fight after that, him russian loliporno hitting me hard and me trying to wrestle him to the floor. He hit me in my eye and I fell. I tried to hit back, but he was stronger than I was. He pinned me onto the floor using his knees to pin down my shoulders. I tried to pull away from him but by now I could see that he was crying."Calm down," he told me. I couldn't believe he was telling me to calm down after he just beat my ass out of rage."Get the fuck off of me!""Damien, calm down. It's just that I been trying to get your attention for so long and you don't even notice me in that way. It's so frustrating. You..."I finally got my left hand free after struggling and listening to his bullshit. I hit him hard in the face and with enough energy that I had him off of me soon enough. I wasn't going to stay in that house. I pulled off of him and ran outside of the house, leaving him to rub on his wounded eye.I ran out of the house, seeing that it was night already. I was running trying to find something, but I didn't know what I was looking for. The streets were dark at nighttime and the dark noises in the nighttime didn't stop me from running preteen lolifuck crazily into the madness. I had run in the middle of the street where I was blinded by a car's light. I was almost hit. It would have been so easy to get hit. It would have been so easy just to lay down in the middle of the street and realize that I would never find lover. One of my african loli nude lovers didn't even like me and the other one beat the shit out of me. If this was how my love life was going to be like, I didn't want to live. Still, I jumped out of the cars way and went onto the other side of the road. The car swerved for a bit and backed up into a tree. bbs sex loli forums The driver of the car got out. He was shouting at me, but I didn't hear any words. I was russian loli naked just so angry with Robbie. A crowd started to surround me, everyone trying to find out what was the cause of the free young art loli accident. Traffic began to pile up on the road, due to the trashed car against the tree. It blocked the whole road now.Soon a familiar voice came in my ear, "Damien, is that you?""You know that kid?"I turned around to see Eric and his girlfriend Carmen. They were standing in front of a big yellow house. It was lolis xxx hard to believe that kogal and loli she didn't even know who I was and we had been in the free lolite pics same class for so long."Carmen, I'll see you later," Eric told her. It was cold outside and Carmen seemed eager to go inside anyway. She just turned around and went inside her big yellow house."Damien, C'mon. He's about to call the lolicon incest cartoon porn cops."I didn't know what he was talking about, but then I turned around and saw the driver of the car loli 12 incest who had the accident. The dude had a cell phone out and he was chatting on it. When I turned around to look back at Eric, he already had loli twinks girls me by the hand. He was leading me away from the scene, taking me somewhere else. His hands were so soft to my touch. People were shouting back at loli nymphets nudes us, threatening us with the cops. Eric didn't seem to care though; he led me around the corner and towards the next street. I leotard loli felt so comfortable at that moment where he pulled me by the hand. Eric wasn't really running fast. I could run a lot faster; but then again the streets were slippery from the ice that covered the ground. I felt bad for the accident, but then again, I didn't think about it a day after it happened. It began to fade out of my mind, replaced nudism loli by the memory of what happened when I arrived at Eric inside his house. His house wasn't too far from the place where ilegal sex lolit the accident happened. It was a regular house, not too big but not small. Even though he now knew how I felt about him, he didn't seem to hesitate on inviting me in. The house was warm and when I sat in it, I could feel his presence all around loli sex pictures me. His house was crowded, with his family members. A few of the younger ones asked loli image gif who I was, but loli bbs free overall no one ever knew that I came in porn teens lolits the house. Eric led me upstairs and into his room. He locked the door behind him. I sat on the bed, trying now to show the bruises that I got from Robbie.I failed shy illegal tiny loli to get hide them and he asked me, "That happened from the accident?"He came and sat next to me on the bed. He lolicon blowjobs went into the bathroom and wet a towel with some cold water. I was willing to take loliza empeg it from him, but he put it on my face by himself. It was all the better. I loved everything about him. I loved how he had a real elementary way of dressing where all his clothes were too big for him. I loved how he was shy and yet still managed to walk so confidently."Nah. nn loli forum I got into a fight.""That's sad to hear," he told me, now wiping the bruises, "You shouldn't you know. Mulattos like us get bruised easily. I'm black and Italian, but Robbie told me that you were black and German. Guess that means you would get bruised easier."It was nice to hear that he and Robbie talked about me. I laughed, "Yeah. I should really stop fighting.""Who was it with?""Robbie," I laughed. I wasn't going to lie. Not tonight, I wasn't going to hold anything back either."Why?" He seemed surprised about it, "I mean, I thought that he was something like your boyfriend and all. I mean is that what gay guys call their lovers?"I nn loli portals couldn't believe he said that, "It was over you. You told him what happened between us and he got lolite not legal sort of nuts. loli japan bbs I don't know why. I never gave him a reason to think that he was, as gay people call it, my boyfriend.""He isn't?" It was probably just I, but he seemed interested in hearing that he wasn't my boyfriend."Is that what he told you?""We talk a lot," Eric told me and all the while I watched his beautiful lips, "We talk about things that I never talked to anyone about before. We talk about you a lot too. He told me about the night when he came in your room and licked your ass."I was so embarrassed and yet I couldn't help but laugh. Eric didn't laugh, but his sobriety made me laugh even more. It was so strange."So you just figured that I was with Robbie?""Yeah," he answered, "Do you love him?"I shook my head, "After tonight, I don't even like him. But I do lolitta girls com nude like you."I saw the look in his eyes. That was the reason why Robbie and I fought. It was because I loved him and not Robbie. At first I was sure he was going to back down like he did the last time, but not this time. This time he kissed me virgin lolipop on my lips. It wasn't a French kiss or anything raunchy. It was a sweet kiss that sort of said, "thank you" rather than, "I want to fuck you." Suddenly I could tell that I wasn't with Robbie anymore. I knew it was going to be different with family loli sex Eric. With Eric cp loli kdz chill it wasn't going to always be about the sex. It young loli forum was going lolicon portals to be about romance."Robbie's going to be mad when you tell him," I warned Eric.He kissed me again on my lips, this time longer; "Then I won't tell him and personally I don't care what Robbie thinks. I haven't been so honest with you.""How?""I mean, it's the last time we met, I thought that you were with Robbie. I didn't think you would leave Robbie to be with me. That was why I really backed down. I young lolitta girls mean I'm not gay but I feel something for you.""What about Carmen?" I asked."I don't like her. I did that to get your attention," he admitted and held my hand as we talked, "Now that I dark collection loli do have your attention, I'll break up with her at anytime for you.""For me, for me," I repeated. I heard the words but I didn't believe it. This was when I realized that the rain had suddenly begun to pour outside my window."I don't know what the word means. I mean, I'm just 15 years old, but I think that underage lolitta hardcore galleries I've been in love with you from the first time I saw you." "Its seems like a dream," I told him and squeezed his hands, "But I loved you the first time I saw you as well.""So where do we go from here?""To heaven," I paused. Carmen and Robbie had only been pawns to get to one another, but finally we were together. The way he held me. The way he touched me. It made my skin shake. I knew that when the rain had begun to pour outside Robbie's bedroom the rain was really beginning to pour on me as well. "Rain on Me," I remembered Ashanti singing. I wanted the emotion to come onto me. This was the night when the rain begun and soon I want to tell you the story of the rain. All that and it was only the prologue. nymph loli Now the real story begins. Now the drizzling ends and the downpours begin. My name is Damien and I want to tell you the story of Eric and I.
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